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History of Gato Amado, CZ

The idea to establish maine coon cattery came quickly and unexpectedly. It was preceded by a sad story of our first tomcat named Pikao. He filled us with joy and happiness, but later we were emotionally harmed by his sudden death. Our beloved tomcat died of FIP at the age of ten months. However he were able to fill us up with joy once more, because thanks to him we have found a maine coon cats.

Our whole clowderThe first addition to the family came on the 26th January 2011 as our oldest cat Barbara Princess A Lynx Star, CZ (MCO f 09 22), but at home we call her Mainee. This beauty can be proud of her role of honour as our notional mascot, because she is portrayed in our logo. In order to give Mainee a true cat games, Blue Fay Hairy Sun, CZ (MCO as 09 22) came to us on the 12th February 2011 . We usually call her Ellie. So far the last member of our cat family is Casper Chiquita a spol., CZ (MCO ns 22). Casper experienced comfort of his new home for the first time on the 3rd December 2011.

At that moment we were complete and ready for the official establishment of the cattery which happened even several days before Casper came to us — 23rd November 2011. Already long before it you could see our cats at various cat shows across the country (and it is the same also nowadays). Sometimes we achieve some good results, so do not forget to visit a profiles of our darlings with lists of their participations (pages Queens and Toms).

Even more joy have spread across the cattery on the 9th May 2012. On that day, our first litter with six kittens came in good condition into the world. The proud dam is Mainee and the sire is CH Zeus Sante d'Orsy, CZ of Pumelia Garden, CZ cattery from Brandýs nad Labem.

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